Agency Relationship Management +

Agency Search



After evaluating the current effectiveness of an agency/client relationship, we'll recommend one of two options for arriving at agreed upon goals.


Agency Relationship Optimization

Our objective is to create a continuous improvement mindset that builds long-lasting, productive Client/Agency relationships, where both sides believe that they have achieved “win-win.”



  1. Contract – Executing contractual negotiations within aggressive timelines
  2. Monitor & Manage – Developing track agency time, fact-based analysis and pairing reality to Client marketing objectives
  3. Optimize – Developing Client business metrics and customer satisfaction criteria
  4. Evaluations – Measuring the right things at the right time for both established and “new” agency roster relationship
  5. Analysis – Managing specific strategic opportunities for Client


Agency Search



Create clarity and agreement across the client selection team to selection criteria. We embrace the quote: “Begin with the end in mind.” Investing the time to set priorities improves the outcome of each step in the balance of the process.



Choosing agency finalists with a custom RFI addressing your requirements and focusing on RESULTS of agency case studies gives your team confidence that “Best-of-Breed” agencies are invited to the exercise. Our assembled team of industry experts gives you richer opinions and insights to supplement your own team’s POV.



We ensure your team is investing time interacting with each finalist in a manner that produces insights on your business issues. Our process moves through a divergent then convergent series of meetings allowing you to experience chemistry checks of each assembled team.



With multiple meetings, you will have more confidence that agency finalists are prepared with content that addresses the interest of senior management and/or the C-suite. Third-party facilitation of de-brief meetings captures strengths of each agency from opinion leaders in the client team that lead to greater consensus.



Understand how to choose the right agency at the right price through our compensation analysis and negotiation strategy that meets financial goals while preserving the need of Marketing to have the right people servicing the brand’s best interests.